Eden Hazard Kicks Ballboy!

I kicked the ball boy

When Swansea welcomed Chelsea to the Liberty stadium in the 2nd leg of the Capital One Cup tie, no one could have foreseen the madness and events that would ensue.

Around the 75th minute the ball went out of play for a goal kick to Swansea. Hazard chased the ball out only for it to be gathered by the ballboy. The ballboy then decided he wanted to get involved in the game and he went down on all fours with the ball clutched tightly beneath his stomach. Hazard was made look the aggressor and a right fool at that, but in all honesty, the ballboy should never have done such a thing in the first place.

I’m not trying to condone the Belgian’s actions, but the ballboy brought it upon himself, and then made himself look the victim of a gunshot, clutching his abdomen after Hazard ‘kicked’ the boy’s stomach. Hazard was given a red card, and considering the referee hadn’t actually a notion of what really happened, Hazard’s imminent sending off was ludicrous.

Watch the violence ensue once the ballboy decides it’s his time to shine.

Look at what he said on Twitter before the game!



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