The Neymar Show




In a class of his own

In a class of his own

Football fans from all over Europe are desperate for the Brazilian wonder-kid to join their ranks, as the 20-year old is just heads and shoulders above all other players in the Brazilian League.

But last night, the Santos forward was in dazzling form, and a video of his performance is on the verge of going viral.

He may not score as many goals as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but he does bring something else to the game. An unrivaled imagination and knack for pulling off the most audacious of skill moves.

It is rare that a week will go by without the frontman making headlines in Brazil due to his latest trick, and it is getting rather out of hand at this point. He is just embarrassing defenders left, right and centre each game. With skills a plenty, and his ability to single-handedly win games for Santos, many believe it is time to make the transition to Europe for the youngster, although Pele believes otherwise.

Watch Neymar’s stellar performance against Botafogo right here!


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