Why The Lights Went Out At Craven Cottage

Lights Out

On Saturday, Manchester United travelled to Craven Cottage to take on Fulham for the second time in a week, and the fixture was a rather ‘dull’ one to say the least, as Wayne Rooney bagged the only goal, taking his tally to 10 in the current campaign.

But the most enticing and most talked-about moment of the less-than pulsating fixture came on the stroke of half-time, as Fulham’s floodlights failed them in a rather inconvenient manner.

Many people were mystified as to how and why a Premier League team can’t keep their lights on for 90 minutes.

Unpaid Bills? That was the joke that was being thrown around social networking mediums Twitter, as Craven Cottage became a laughing stock for 15 minutes or so, with memes and distasteful satire plentiful to keep the waiting fans at home entertained.

The real reason has now surfaced for the curious case of  the floodlights as a video has been released, detailing the circumstances in a rather comical manner.

Watch the video below, it is sure to make you chuckle and give you a more definitive insight into the ongoings at Craven Cottage that night.


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