Didier Drogba clashes heads with David Barral and K.O.’s him!

A frightening image

Galatasaray took on Orduspor in a Turkish League fixture this week and the game ended in an enthralling 4-2 victory for the Turkish champions, but the game was marred by a gruesome incident which left former Chelsea star Didier Drogba in a daze and his opponent David Barral even worse off, as he was out cold.

The incident took place in the 87th minute of the fixture as both teams were contesting a corner being floated into Orduspor’s box. The gigantic Ivorian leaped to meet the ball, only for his head to connect more convincingly with Orduspor striker David Barral’s head.

The events that ensued made for tough watching, as many of the players from both sides frantically gestured towards the medics standing at the side of the pitch just moments after the collision took place.

Drogba left the pitch relatively unscathed, but an ambulance had to rush Barral to the nearest hospital, as he was showing little signs of consciousness when being assessed by the medical staff present at the match.

1361834385 extras noticia foton 7 0 Didier Drogbas headbutt KOed David Barral, then visits him in hospital

A kind gesture from the Gala man

But the story doesn’t end there. Good-guy Didier took it upon himself to visit his worse-off opponent in hospital shortly after the game wrapped up, and all looks to be a-okay now after some bandaging and minor tests taken by doctors  ensured Barral did not suffer too much head trauma.

Here is the footage of the brutal incident, don’t take the title too literally either. Drogba most certainly did NOT ‘break Barral’s skull’ or ‘make him in coma’.

You know what they say, don’t believe everything you read!


2 thoughts on “Didier Drogba clashes heads with David Barral and K.O.’s him!

  1. Ouch that must have been painfull to the two of them.I remember the incident when smalling and huntellar clashed heads that was bad to.

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