Getting Stuck In… To Another Player’s Leg

A prime example of a brutally timed lunge ending in a leg-break for Arsenal’s Eduardo

Only a couple of days ago, we brought you what we felt was one of the worst fouls we’d seen for quite some time. But this horrific studs-up lunge may just about take the cake for ‘death-defying lunge of the year’.

What appears to be just your average, innocent Sunday league player, roaming about the pitch whilst wearing a potentially vision-obscuring hat, turns out to be a determined man on a mission. That mission is to inflict a great deal of pain on an unsuspecting opponent.

An eerie sound rings out at the time of contact, which sounds similar to either one of two things – snooker balls cracking off each other, or in a more realistic world, bones breaking.

The video in question, aptly named ‘tackle’, has not gone viral as of yet, which is somewhat of a surprise.

Try not to wince or gasp in disbelief at the gruesome tackle you are about to witness.

Can you say ‘ouch’?


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