Ray Hudson: The Best Commentator Ever?

A couple of months back, we brought you what we felt was one of our favourite pieces of commentary in recent years.

Over here at Two Goals One Ball, we love Ray Hudson’s quirkiness and eccentricity. His endless array of humourous quotes never cease to amaze his admirers, and his work for beIN Sport goes largely unnoticed over in Europe for the most part.

He’s been the center-piece of many a viral video over the last couple of years, and there’s an unlimited supply of videos detailing his work on YouTube.

The man’s love and passion for the game is very clearly unrivaled by any other commentator or pundit around, and this video perfectly sums up some of his funniest moments in the commentary booth.

With references to ‘Jedi Knights’ and ‘Panini Sculptures’ this video is sure to have you in stitches by the end.


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