A Debut To Forget

I really was bad, wasn’t I?

To say the former Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre had a bad day at the office would be a vast understatement to say the least.

The French centre-back had a nightmare of a performance in his first ever appearance for his new MLS side, the Portland Timbers.

New York Red Bulls somehow managed to bring out the very worst in a seasoned veteran of the European game. This is a player who has played at the highest level for the vast majority of his footballing career, a player who possesses an immense and invaluable amount of experience and pedigree having plied his trade in four of Europe’s top five leagues for nearly 15 years.

Who’d have thought that the 35-year old would be the orchestrator of his own side’s downfall in this game?

Almost wholly responsible for all three goals conceded, Silvestre certainly had a forgettable debut for his new American outfit.

After going 3-1 down by half-time in the first fixture of the new MLS season, Portland managed to pull two back and get level with New York by the end of the fixture, saving Silvestre’s blushes in more than one way.

Try your utmost to conceal even the slightest of chuckles as Mikael Silvestre watches his world crash down around him for 90 minutes.


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