Animal Invades Football Pitch And Wreaks Havoc

Remember the Anfield cat? Well this video depicts an even more bizarre scene, as a Pine Marten intrudes on a Swiss league encounter between FC Thun and FC Zurich.

The elusive specimen began to taunt players early on in the game, running rings around the helpless bystanders.

But two men were brave enough and stepped up to the plate, taking matters into their own hands, literally.

The first man to muster up the willpower to stop the animal on it’s mad dash was Zurich defender Loris Benito, who managed to get a grasp on the diminutive mammal, only for his hand to be bitten and bloodied.

The badger-like creature then continued its miniature-rampage, leaving stewards, training bibs and onlookers in its wake.


Then the away side’s ‘keeper David De Costa went in for the kill, although this time not literally, as he caught the fleeing Pine Marten and brought the party to a close.

Would I be right in saying that this mammal has covered more ground on the pitch than Stoke’s injury-laden Michael Owen so far this season? Maybe not, but the differences would not be too significant.


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