Zlatan Blows His Own Trumpet

Known for possessing arrogance in abundance, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of football’s more outspoken individuals, regularly proceeding to praise himself rather highly while speaking about his ‘beautiful’ self in the third-person.

But with this unflappable confidence comes the ability to back it up. It’s not often that one of the the beautiful game’s greatest advocates can possess such a strong personality along with a vast and unparalleled skillset nowadays, but the humongous Swede seems to tick all of the necessary boxes.

So when CNN football correspondent Pedro Pinto (who has conducted interviews with various world-beaters) got the chance to meet the one and only Zlatan, he didn’t hesitate to ask the PSG front-man some pressing questions, and the man mammoth himself did not fail to disappoint the viewers at home, as he answered some flattering questions without batting an eyelid for the most part.

When asked what he would rate himself as a footballer on a scale of 1 to 10, the striker once again produced the goods, and confidently replied with the wryest smile known to man.

Have a watch of the excellent video here, which is sure to make you chuckle.


Early 2013 Puskas Candidate | Volley Of The Year?

A couple of days ago the Turkish third division was witness to one of the early goals of the year so far.

Altay’s Korhan Ozturk hit one of the sweetest volleys you will see all year against Anadolu Selçukluspor, so prepare to be amazed.

Water-logged Pitch? No way…

There are no words that could even come close to describing the events that occur in this video you are about to watch.

One must wonder how a referee could possibly let this game go ahead considering the state of the pitch. It’s an outrage to say the least, although it makes for excellent viewing, and that’s the magic 0f football.

A couple of weeks back we brought you what we thought was one of the most water-infested matches to be recorded on video in recent years. But this video most certainly trumps it’s predecessor.

The funniest part of this hilarious clip is the fact that there is a tank draining the water whilst the match is in play over near the corner flag. Brilliant.

Coming all the way from Kazakhstan, here is the video in question.

Thanks to 101GreatGoals for the spot.